Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vespa Gt Helmets Cheap Vespa (GT 200, GTS 250, LX 150)?

Cheap Vespa (GT 200, GTS 250, LX 150)? - vespa gt helmets

I have spent from 6000 up to really go on the way, how much are they and what are the top speeds.

I have also bought in March 2009, it is worth the wait and the new models come to be cheaper or more expensive


dirtytri... said...

It would be cheaper. You must be at least 250 constant for road use. If you are still doing to take a look at Kymco Vespa cheaper and just as good if not better. People in the 250s is the same as a Vespa.

ctpaddle... said...

You should also be the Suzuki Burgman 400 and Yamaha Majesty 400th There are various products Vespa style, quality, but they are great, good value for a maxi-scooter, and the road can.

I Bent My Wookie said...

$ 200 5600 GT
$ 250 6000 GT
LX 150 4300 $

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