Friday, December 11, 2009

Anorexia Before And After Pictures Before And After (pictures) Want To Go Back To Before? Help!?

Before and after (pictures) want to go back to before? help!? - anorexia before and after pictures

before -- ... ...

by -- ...

So, what they eat every day --
Breakfast --
Low-fat organic yogurt - 130 cal
Mini Luna Bar - 120 cal

Lunch --
Luna Bar - 180 cal

Cafeteria --
Coffee with milk - lime 130-150

Dinner --
Wrap (100 calories) with mustard, Turkey and lettuce (~ 200 cal)

Cafeteria --

(One day I will), this treatment program (anorexia, so I have dinner and eat more, but that's only twice a week, so it is not so bad, and I'm sometimes bad girl: 0 and I have more than one muffin or some kind of dessert, if the

I'm 5'3 and 110 pounds
I want to lose 5-10 kg
No classes
Do I need to eat less to do so? or should I? I lose everything in a week. Slowly, it will remain off.


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