Friday, December 25, 2009

Milena Velba December Does Anyone Know Who Milena Velba Is?

Does anyone know who Milena Velba is? - milena velba december

Milena Velba (July 19, 1970 in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic) is a Czech nude glamor model, for which one of the biggest busts of the natural industry known.

Velba born and raised in Ústí nad Labem, an industrial city in northwestern Czechoslovakia. His father was an engineer, in most of the architecture that dominates the plant and chemical plant in Ústí involved. She developed an interest in motorcycles is a story of love in their teens who would go a hobby. After her schooling, Velba studied chemistry to work with his father.

He is currently single and lives in Germany.

In October 2003 a friend suggested he posed as a topless model on the website of Nadine Jansen. Jansen, another large breast topless model expressed interest in Velba and quickly offered him a job as a model results in a sub-site in your account. Velba first Web presence caused such a flood of e-mails that their own website in spring or startedf 2004th The site offers more than three years of archiving photos and videos of dozens. Two DVDs, entitled Milk and Bikes and Bras, were subsequently released. The DVD was important for milk used Velba breast-feeding and adults as its main themes - that the selection of titles for the DVD. Her official website still refers to their ability to breastfeed, but is now unable to do so.


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