Sunday, December 6, 2009

Encrypted Magic Folders 05.01.1 I Forgot Which Encryption Method I Used For A File?

I forgot which encryption method I used for a file? - encrypted magic folders 05.01.1

I figure in a file on a RedHat Linux in 1998. I think I used a command line utility called DES, but can not be sure. I try to decrypt with OpenSSL and leads to nothing.

Is there a magic number to tell me that you can find the encryption method? Who knows what the Red Hat Linux comes with the program in 1998? Other ideas?


Sp II Guzzi said...

If you have any Google ads, you can probably understand, done. But you can not. If your goal is in contact with Red Hat, one could say that, but it will not.

The magic number is 4

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