Monday, December 7, 2009

Implantation Bleeding How Long Does The Implantation Bleeding Last?

How long does the implantation bleeding last? - implantation bleeding

My girlfriend took the Plan B pill, and a week later had time. Their time lasted only 3 days. Perhaps it was a normal period or was implantation bleeding. How long should implantation bleeding last? Do you have a real deadline, which was only 3 days because of the pill or is it implantation bleeding? What do you think?


SydneyMu... said...

You talk as if "implantation bleeding" is something that happens to all women, and expected, and looks like a natural time.

This is not the case.

Implementation of the "bleeding" is somewhat misleading. If this is true (and this happens), few women, is nothing more than a brown pink discharge / mucus, or a point or two of blood. No real "bleeding".

At a time when "only" 3 days normally.

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