Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dallas Ambulance Service EMT-B Pay For Texas?

EMT-B Pay For Texas? - dallas ambulance service

Ok, so I am high school graduate in about 3 weeks. I wrote a certified EMT-B course, which begins in July. I plan to work while EMT school would collect and save money. Then, after find what I want, a job certificates from an ambulance company somewhere. If I see a work that has left you in my house and an apartment somewhere (nothing complex, of course) will this work involves me to live alone. I know money is tight, I just want to know if this makes sense. I have a car that has already borne fruit and I will start to buy now, cheap furniture instead of doing that, then the money is scarce. Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and give me some tips and as an EMT-B is paid in the Dallas area in Texas? Thank you very much!


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