Friday, December 18, 2009

Capital Auction Fredericton Is It Just Me Or Is This Government Determined To Make The UK The Gambling Capital Of The World?

Is it just me or is this government determined to make the UK the gambling capital of the world? - capital auction fredericton

It started with the lottery once a week, now that we are now, what looks like a hundred different versions of it we have to scratch, maybe even hundreds of different creatures.
The shops of Paris are now more like normal sports shops, with windows to try to connect more people in touch.
We have online games, turn on the television after midnight and does not show all games. Commercial radio stations and they are playing "games" such as reverse auctions.
You want to build casinos everywhere, and now they have adopted a new law on gambling, so that companies now advertise the game on TV, among others.
Should not the government is trying, protecting the most vulnerable in society? not, it's even easier to catch in the game, look what it did with alcohol, the record levels of alcohol consumption.
Pathetic, this government is only one thing, forget the money is concerned, the challenges ahead.


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