Friday, January 8, 2010

Quilts Made From Mens Ties Home Made Quilts Made With Mens Ties?

Home made quilts made with mens ties? - quilts made from mens ties

He hammers, homemade quilts from relationships with men


swbiblio said...

There is an instruction book on Amazon quilt as "Dad Ties, Shirley Botsford, and another called" Ties Ties Ties: Traditional Quilts Ties "by Janet B. Elwin. She has another book titled" Tie Sampler Blocks, " also on Amazon. You can also use it to build a log cabin on top, left cut into long strips.

Ben's MomMom said...

Many of them. Try the search function on or

You can cut up and play in a model, or you can make a Dresden create it.

Pat H said...

I agree with the person with the book "Ties Dad." It is a great book, and offers other ideas for the use of unconventional relationship.

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