Saturday, January 30, 2010

Index Of / Photos Yo What Is The Highest Dpi I Can Use To Print Index Size Photos To View Thru A Telescope Viewer ?

What is the highest dpi I can use to print index size photos to view thru a telescope viewer ? - index of / photos yo

I'm going to the pictures as in the viewfinder. Most of these programs are in most amusement parks purchased. I bought them in the past done with slide film, but I want to see the pictures on the website at the highest dpi you can print images can see so clearly. I just want to know if this is possible with the HP Photosmart D7260. You can do, it suffices to find a good printer .. Thanks


Kevin O said...

Sounds like you need to venture into the world of professional printers.

Several Inks (consumption is only 4)
A source for high quality image.

They will be printed on the transparency, we need to find a printer that can be done to.

Good luck.

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