Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard I Currently Have One Of Those Gel Wrist For My Keyboard Should I Invest On A Microsoft Natural Ergo Key?

I currently have one of those gel wrist for my keyboard should I invest on a Microsoft Natural Ergo Key? - microsoft natural ergo keyboard

Should I or not, so I have carpal tunnel that is why? Also expensove.


Kasey C said...

Ergo keyboards that curve, I have for years and are very comfortable, at least for me personally. I find it hard to recover a normal keyboard. : D

You can buy Ergo keyboards. Belkin makes a few that you could get at least $ 20 less than Microsoft. Some can even at Office Depot and others to find. Or go back and get the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard, should not more than $ 25. It is PS / 2 connector, but.

Anonymous said...

I have, and I love it.
Real Estate, my Microsoft Ergo 4000 is a rich $ 19.97 on the sale, minus $ 20

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