Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hole In Heart More Condition_symptoms Is It Possible My Heart Murmur Can No Longer Be Heard Because Of The Large Hole In My Heart?

Is it possible my heart murmur can no longer be heard because of the large hole in my heart? - hole in heart more condition_symptoms

I always had a heart murmur. After I suffered 2 episodes of TIA, the hospital said it had found a heart murmur. I saw a specialist and found a big hole in my heart. Could the big hole that my breath no longer be detected?


Roberto said...

Hey, do you recognize that you ask a question of life or death here? When you 1st a hole in his heart, 2 several transient ischemic attacks, and C. a heart "murmur" - presumably an arrhythmia of some sort, you need to get your ass to a cardiologist. I went through three before I settled on the others I thought could help, but you need someone who can answer your questions find a professional manner. This looks like a trap to the hospital clinic for me.

hahaha said...


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