Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everclear Alcohol Clipart Where Can I Buy Everclear Alcohol At In Ohio?

Where can i buy everclear alcohol at in ohio? - everclear alcohol clipart

I need alcohol, especially ethanol. preferably 200 proof, but may be lower. but I wish it had more than 150 tests. and please do not tell me about an online store to store.


Weatherm... said...

The sale of 190 Everclear is illegal in Ohio, it is forbidden to sell alcohol to 190 there.

miss cachette said...

Do not think I can.

Segue, drink something very, very dangerous. Most people are looking for is not in moderation. It can easily be fatal.

I never take the responsibility to serve the guests.

TexHabsf... said...

Not available in Ohio, the 190 tests.

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