Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where Do U Find The Rainbow Puffle How Do You Get A Rainbow Colored Puffle On Club Penguin?

How do you get a rainbow colored puffle on club penguin? - where do u find the rainbow puffle

I mean, it is possible to get a rainbow of colors Puffle on Club Penguin, but how?


twilight... said...

I do not think theres anything Sutch and I believe (99 percent sure) that its just a rumor. If they show among Puffle Picture a rainbow "of counterfeiting. Puffle simply copy an image and edit it in paint and paint it. And it is true, I think that would show most of the penguins, rainbow colors, but nope Puffle a non - penguin walking alone in rainbow colors Puffle

Dominiqu... said...

This rumor has been around Club Penguin for a long time. Since I arrived in 2007, I have never had a Rainbow Puffle. I just heard people talk about babbling, how, and "light" or "one" to have one. Sorry honey. The Rainbow Puffle there. = (

But you can recommend manufacturers Rainbow Puffle Club Penguin. As the Ninja has, this could change the tone of the tower and make them a reality. =)

SSD~ said...

The Rainbow Puffle has a rumor for a long time.
Although there is always a way to get real, you can cut once.
But all this did was change your Puffle different colors and much more. It was not real.
And you can get for the submission of the iceberg, either.
Tipping the iceberg and the Rainbow Puffle are new features in.
But one day, I'm sure when it will really work.
I hope that helped!

Nick said...

This is a very relevant! The answer is no, you can not from a rainbow of colors in the Club Penguin Puffle immediately. In the future can bring, Club Penguin Puffle rainbow colors, but until then Waddle on!
If you have questions or suggestions, please visit and click the tab for questions and comments. It may also be on this site will help you, pins, free items and hidden. If you believe this site has received items from Club Penguin, then tell all your friends about this site. If you like this site, I am sure that other!
I hope that helped!

Cj said...

People say that if you scratch the surface and a thousand pieces of Rainbow Puffle, but that's not true, they say that more people can make to an account and play.

The Rainbow Puffle is not real, as if someone just a picture of a Puffle be received and processed.

RainSkye said...

lol keep dreaming and daughter. No, it's a rumor ... Puffle than gold or tiping of the iceberg. Perhaps it will happen one day? but not now.

But when was the yellow Puffle bathing, inkjet color in the bathroom "and when he was the color of the rainbow! But once the color moss. Experiment with your Yellow Puffle and see what happens! Just bathe!

hanna221 said...

There is no such thing as a rainbow, "" Puffle.
There is only:
Pink Puffle
Red Puffle
Blue Puffle
Black Puffle
Purple Puffle
Green Puffle
Yellow Puffle
White Puffle

People do. They had to copy a picture from a Puffle and change the colors of the rainbow.

I hoped that helped =)

kriskrin... said...

Some people say that when the tip of the iceberg in the Arctic aunt you a thousand coins and a Rainbow Puffle. Others say that to cut you. clubpenguin am an expert in providing answers. is the best way to say, go to cheat or news sites like me, waiting for news. My site is

Brooke said...

Well, girl I'm the same question, but if I do not e-mail that I make sure the updates and the first e-mail me then sure ill add ya. And I do not believe the possible, because if I had!

Tiki Fett said...

Tiping the village of ice is impossible, this is a rumor that the penguins club that are in the game is still interested. Finally, this rumor may come to a different task in the future. Until proof to the contrary is nothing more than a story.

Jisu K. ^^ said...

There's nothing like a Rainbow Puffle.
It's just a technical problem.
People are taking Rainbow Puffle Puffle and changed frequently and a little
Not really. Trust me.
This is a copy-paste.
I hope that helped!

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